JIRP 2018 Faculty Application

Please complete the following application if you are interested in participating in JIRP 2018 as a Resident Faculty member. JIRP Resident Faculty typically take part in JIRP for a period of 10 days to three weeks, and are fully immersed in the JIRP expedition during this time. Resident faculty work as a member of the faculty team (usually ~six at any one time), and under the leadership of the current Academic Lead. Tasks include:

  • Leading formal student lessons (e.g., exercises, discussions, lectures)
  • Serving as the current research lead and primary mentor for one of the six core research projects
  • Participating fully in the expedition:  This includes the above, but also assisting with expeditionary logistics, contributing to camp work detail, participating in required safety lessons, working hard to be a positive member of the expedition while in camp and the field, and taking part in informal mentoring of and collaboration with JIRP students, staff and fellow faculty members.

All faculty expenses are paid for upon arrival in Juneau (room and board, Juneau-based transportation, helicopter transport to/from the Juneau Icefield, and logistical support). Please know that faculty are required to cover expenses for transit to/from Juneau. Know that your volunteer efforts are appreciated!

The primary purpose of this short application is to provide the JIRP Director of Academics and Research with a list of prospective faculty, details of potential dates of participation and content to be delivered, and to do so with increased lead time in advance of the upcoming field season. Please don't hesitate to be in touch directly if you have any questions about this process or the JIRP 2018 season (matt.jirp@gmail.com).

Please complete this application no later than November 24th for first consideration for participation in JIRP 2018.

Name *
Recent JIRP field seasons have included six core research efforts, including (but not limited to!) the broader fields of Biogeochemistry, Ecology, Geomatics, Geophysics, Glacier Mass Balance, and Isotope Geochemistry. Your prospective research on the Juneau Icefield might fit well within one of these, or it might be a new direction that JIRP is uniquely positioned to help support.
We would appreciate hearing about topics you would like to cover, and also about more interactive sessions (e.g., exercises, discussions, hands-on activities) that you might offer.
Details might include formal mountaineering experience and/or training, glacier travel/rescue experience and/or training, skiing ability, expeditionary logistics etc. Please also include any current medical or guiding certifications:
Which of the following faculty roles would you be most interested in: *
Please indicate your preferred block of time to partcipate in JIRP 2018: *
2018 season dates are yet to be finalized, and this selection is not final, but does give us some sense of preferred windows of time.
This might include ideas for multi-year research efforts, evolution of the JIRP curriculum, roles you would like to take on in future seasons etc.

Thank you for submitting a faculty application for JIRP 2018! You will be contacted by the Director of Academic and Research prior to January 1, 2018 to continue the discussion about your potential participation in JIRP 2018.