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If you would like to mail letters to students/staff participating in JIRP, please use this address. Due to limited helicopter space and the cost of the helicopters, we will only deliver flat envelopes to the icefield. If there is an urgent need for a bulkier/heavier item to get up to someone on the ice, please contact Mary, Sarah, or Blaire at 907-500-8913 to make arrangements. Mail received by August 8th will be delivered to the Icefield. Mail received after that date will be held in Juneau for students/staff to pick up on August 18th. Thank you!

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*Currently, we do not have a mailbox set up yet at our new Amaiga Harbor Road address. Please direct all mail to our PO box. Thank you! 

**There is no cell service out at the Eagle Valley Center (new Juneau office location.) If we do not pick up the office cell, please try the landline number listed above. Thank you!

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Members of the first JIRP "high ice" expedition to the Juneau Icefield in the summer of 1948.  Left to right:  Maynard Miller, W. Laurence Miner, Lowell Chamberlain, Melvin G. Marcus, William A. Latady and Anthony W. Thomas.  Photo taken at Camp 4 on "Hades Highway," the upper Twin Glaciers' neve.  Photo:  FGER Archives

A multi-generation crew of JIRPers at the 2011 Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.  From left to right:  Dr. P. Jay Fleisher, Judy Pachter, Dr. Maynard Miller, Kate Baustian, Kent Walters, Coco Loehr, Dr. Bruce Molnia, Matt Beedle, and Toby Dittrich.  Photo:  M. J. Beedle

Drs. Maynard Miller, Richard Marston, and Alf Pinchak on 'Taku B' in July 1995.  Photo:  M. J. Beedle

2004 JIRPers on top of 'Taku B'.  From left to right:  Kate Harris, Riley Hall, Evan Burgess, Keith (Laskowski) Ma, Winston Macdonald, and Robert Koenig.  Photo:  M. J. Beedle

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