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Meet Gilkey- The Newest Addition to the JIRP Family

Prospective admitted students- are you on the fence about JIRP this summer? We will throw in a puppy to sweeten the deal. Meet Gilkey- the newest addition to the JIRP family (our program coordinator just got a new glacier loving pup). He will be present during Juneau week and possibly make guest appearances on radio calls. Juneauites- feel free to stop by the Juneau office to give him some love.

Medical Forms Due by March 20th

Congratulations to all our new JIRPers! In order to confirm your spot with JIRP 2017, please email us at fger.jirp@gmail.com and let us know your intention to participate. Your acceptance is conditional upon a medical/health certification by a medical provider (attached to your acceptance e-mail) and you must submit the attached medical forms no later than Monday, March 20th. We have a number of students on our waitlist for this season. If we do not receive these forms and your email confirmation by this date, we will offer your spot to someone on the waitlist. Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.

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My JIRP experience strengthened in me a love of exploration that ultimately led to my participation in the space program, including the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. JIRP was fundamental to my growth as a scientist and as a person.
— Dr. Steven Squyres, Professor Astronomy, Cornell University; Principal Investigator of Mars Exploration Rover Project