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Alaskan Scholarships

 JIRP offers two scholarships specifically for Alaskan students (a full ride scholarship and a $5,000 scholarship). Applicants must be an Alaskan resident or a full time student at a university located in Alaska to be eligible. To apply for the Alaskan scholarships- fill out our normal scholarship application form (juneaicefield.com/scholarships) and mention you are an Alaskan in one of the essay questions.

Scholarship Application Closes February 28th

The scholarship application is now open and will close February 28th. Scholarship awards will only be made available to those students who have applied by the February 15th deadline. For more information, visit juneauicefield.com/scholarships


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My JIRP experience strengthened in me a love of exploration that ultimately led to my participation in the space program, including the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. JIRP was fundamental to my growth as a scientist and as a person.
— Dr. Steven Squyres, Professor Astronomy, Cornell University; Principal Investigator of Mars Exploration Rover Project