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JIRP Fireside Chat at Mendenhall Visitor Center

Explore the snowy expanse above Juneau with JIRP on February 3rd. All Fireside Lectures are free.  The presentation occurs at 6:30pm and repeats at 8pm. Doors open at 6pm. The visitor center elevators are closed for replacement. Please use stairs or accessible ramp. Prospective students are especially encouraged to attend.  

Looking for a New JIRP Mobile

After many, many years of service, Blue- the trusted steed and loyal companion of countless JIRPers and FGERs- is going to a nice farm on the countryside where she can roam free with other 1994 GMC Suburbans. Since Blue is over 20 years old and struggling to keep up on the long haul from Atlin and Juneau, we think it is best for us to say goodbye. We are looking for a replacement to fill the now gaping hole in our hearts. If anyone knows of someone who wants to donate a car to JIRP (preferably in Alaska, Canada, or the west coast of the states) or knows of a large vehicle that needs a loving home, send an e-mail to fger.jirp@gmail.com or mary.jirp@gmail.com. Thanks!

Student Scholarship Application is Open

The scholarship application for the 2017 field season is now open and will close February 28th. Check it out here.  Huge thank you to everyone who donated to the Joan W. Miller Scholarship Fund. 

The JIRP Blog

My JIRP experience strengthened in me a love of exploration that ultimately led to my participation in the space program, including the Mars Exploration Rovers Spirit and Opportunity. JIRP was fundamental to my growth as a scientist and as a person.
— Dr. Steven Squyres, Professor Astronomy, Cornell University; Principal Investigator of Mars Exploration Rover Project